The Other Invited Artists

Malcolm Whittaker  ‘A Lover’s Discourse’
Malcolm Whittaker’s Project, A Lovers Discourse, began several months ago when the Australian artist invited several curious strangers from Bristol and Sydney, to exchange love letters. You and Your Work 8, in collaboration with Performance Space (Sydney), will provide an opportunity for ‘the lovers’ to meet online, through live chat. There will be a chance for you to hear extracts from these intimate conversations read out by the Bristolian ‘lovers’.

Tania El Khoury  ‘Jarideh’ 
Lebanese live artist, Tania El Khoury invites you to join her brilliantly suspicious one-on-one performance, Jarideh. Inspired by crime and historical films, real events such as the Metropolitan Police’s terrorism awareness and operations made in the past by ‘attractive’ women fighters in the Lebanese resistance, this will be an exciting opportunity for you to become partners in crime.

Katherina Radeva ‘Fallen Fruit- now you are here- now you are gone’ 

Bulgarian live artist, Katherina Radeva presents her multi-layered and interactive solo performance work, Fallen Fruit – now you are here – now you are gone, in response to last year’s 20th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Her piece beautifully weaves together personal stories of those living before and after ‘The Iron Curtain’, incorporating evocative music of the time. 

Saffy Setohy and Reynir Hutber ‘Towards Stillness’ 
Questioning the role and relationship between viewer, performer and space; Saffy Setohy and Reynir Hutber’s movement based work integrates an original electro-acoustic score and video projections, as well as structured improvisational dance to create immersive and atmospheric installation. Moving through video-projected naturalistic and man-made environments, the dancer and audience become collectively involved in the possibility of being transformed and informed by social, architectural and virtual environments

Kings of England 'I Belong to This Band!'
Kings of England will be rocking up at Arnolfini with their new work "I Belong to This Band!". With local musicians, they will be collaboratively re-working local folk songs and trying to find a way back to the Other, Old World, raising a toast (again): to love, loss, happiness and the passing of time. Over the next two years the Band will tour village halls, record oral histories, make books and records and play for hospitality.
Afterwards, Y&YW8 will host an open mic event in Arnolfini’s café/ bar where participating musicians will play from their own sets.

Y&YW8 is funded and supported by Arts Council England, Arnolfini, Groundwork South West and Quartet Community Foundation’s Grassroots Grant.