Some Photos and Quotes from Y&YW8

Sylvia Rimat reading out extracts from Malcolm
Whitaker's project 'A Lover's Discourse'

"Y&YW8 Festival at Arnolfini was active, culturally rich and of a high artistic quality. It presented Arnolfini with the opportunity to help build on the fantastic work Y&YW has done in previous years and explore with them artists working with a diverse set of communities, listen, investigate, learn, and open Arnolfini’s doors to this type of practice and the communities".

Arnolfini Acting Producer / Assistant Producer, Sarah Warden
One of the artists watching Rhiannon Chaloner and the
Roma women's group work 'Civis Sum Europeus'

“I spent a large proportion of my time getting to know the participants, as I saw this as essential to making a piece of work with and about a community, I new very little about. I felt that there was an immense level of responsibility when it came to an audio-visual representation of a community that I wasn't actually part of. I was also always very aware of the parallel news coverage issues relating to the Roma people's immigration issues in the EU(…)”.
Commissioned artist, Rhiannon Chaloner
An audience member experiencing Liz Clarke and 16-25
Independent People's work 'Sedimentary'

“In terms of my own artistic development this project has been a key milestone for me this year. Through facilitating an experimental process and encouraging the participants to take calculated and supported risk in an artistic context it has helped me identify the parallels between my personal work as an individual artist and my practice within the sphere of socially engaged work”.
Commissioned artist, Liz Clarke
Producers Sylvia Rimat and Rhiannon Chaloner
welcome everyone

“Welcoming atmosphere, with coffee and cake and the stewards were very efficient”.
An audience member
Neil Callaghan, Simone Kenyon and Bristol harbourside
boat dwellers project 'The Museum of Floating Objects'

“In the weeks leading up to the project we met many lovely people who were generous enough to invite us into their homes and donate us objects. In terms of ‘impact’ on the community, we did not set out with an agenda. We did not want to change them, or public perception of them. We just wanted to engage with people. It seems when making contact with people they were initially skeptical or dubious, but when we explained our intentions everyone we met was willing to help”.
Commissioned artists, Neil Callaghan and Simone Kenyon
Katherina Radeva in her performance 'Fallen Fruit - now
are here now you are gone'

“A highlight apart from doing my show was the artist breakfast- it was good to have all of us in a room chatting about ideas and the works”.
Participating artist, Katerina Radeva
Local participants and Kings of England perform
'I Belong To This Band!'

“The ethos of the event attracted a generous audience seeing high quality finished work and promising works in development. I feel that the audience responded very positively to our work; the performance was unique for us in that the audience clapped and cheered after every section, allowing us to relax on stage. This is a very particular kind of permission and it speaks well of the event and have the culture of live performance in Bristol more generally”. 
Participating artist, Simon Bowes of ‘Kings of England’

Tania El Khoury performs her work 'Jarideh' with an
Saffy Setohy performs 'Towards Stillness'
An audience member watches Kate Rowles' work 'Through My Own Eyes'

I was very proud to invite the participants to the public screening of ‘Through My Own Eyes’ at the prestigious venue of the Arnolfini Gallery Bristol, and sensed that the location of the screening did matter to them because it granted their work a higher status as art”.
Commissioned artist, Kate Rowles