11am-12pm Malcolm Whittaker ‘A Lover's Discourse’, closed Live chat event for Bristol / Sydney based project participants (Reading Room)
4pm onwards Neil Callaghan and Simone Kenyon 'The Museum of Floating Objects' (Light Studio)
4pm onwards Tanya El Khoury ‘Jarideh’ one to one performance, (Arnolfini cafe/bar)
4.30pm Y&YW Welcoming speech and tea and cake for all visitors
4.45pm-5.15pm Kate Rowles commissioned artist intergenerational video screening and discussion (Dark studio)
5.15pm – 5.45pm Rhiannon Chaloner commissioned artist Roma women video screening and discussion (Dark Studio)

 5.45pm - 6.15pm Intervention by young person from 1625 Independent People housing project (first floor)

6.15pm Saffy Setohy ‘Towards Stillness’ Dance performance (Dark Studio)
6.50pm – 7.05pm Malcolm Whittaker 'A Lover's Discourse' - Bristol participants read passages from the love letters project (Reading Room)
7.10pm Liz Clarke, commissioned artist working with young people from the 1625 Independent People housing project (Dark Studio)
8.00-8.35pm Katherina Radeva 'Fallen Fruit – now you are here – now you are gone' (Main Auditorium)

9pm Simon Bowes / Kings of England ‘I belong to this band’ (Main Auditorium)

9.30pm onwards Acoustic Open mic night (cafe/bar)

Y&YW8 is funded and supported by Arts Council England, Arnolfini, Groundwork South West and Quartet Community Foundation’s Grassroots Grant.